Modify my home in THIS market?

What to consider before undertaking remodel

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With many areas of the country now in a down sales cycle, it makes a lot of sense to consider some changes that will make your home more comfortable -- for you but not necessarily the next potential owner. In fact, aging-in-place renovation work is expected to provide one of the bright spots for residential construction as the industry eventually begins gaining ground, according to panelists at the recent National Association of Home Builders' remodeling show. If you don't have to move, brighten and lighten and enjoy your place until the market recovers. Don't spend all your energy on creating a new room that a potential new buyer might enjoy. Ninety percent of all remodeling projects take more than one year of appreciation in order to recover the costs of the improvement. And, some projects never even get close to becoming a financial wash. But don't get carried away with a pet project that you think may draw the eye of a potential home buyer. Make changes that you and yo...