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Financial blogger ‘Tanta’ mourned

Doris Dungey's life cut short by cancer

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Doris Dungey was "one of the best financial writers in the world," able to explain "complex ideas with wit and great clarity," financial journalist and blogger Felix Salmon said last year at Condé Nast Until Dungey died Sunday at the age of 47 -- her life cut tragically short by ovarian cancer -- she was known to readers of the financial blog Calculated Risk only by her pseudonym, "Tanta." Tanta's insight into the world of mortgage banking and finance came from working in the industry for 20 years, said Calculated Risk founder Bill McBride in a post on the site. McBride said Tanta began writing for the blog after she was diagnosed with late-stage cancer and went on an extended medical leave in 2006. When McBride first invited Dungey to blog with him, she declined because "her prognosis was grim and she didn’t expect to live very long," McBride said. "To her surprise, after aggressive treatment, her health starte...