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Agent recruiting is at an all-time high. The postcards come in the mail, and I receive e-mails from new companies and old companies. There are ads for real estate agents on the Internet, too. To an industry outsider it might even look like there is some kind of a shortage. There is a shortage of sorts: If the real estate companies can't make a profit from our sales, they will fold. They need as many agents as they can get, and they need to keep the agents who are generating sales. The recruiting methods are interesting, but mostly the same. Most promise a higher commission split and no hidden fees. Most promise the latest and great technology, and several advertise a fun work environment and training. Two things that most brokerage companies offer -- I consider them detriments to my business instead of assets -- are the free company e-mail address and Web site. We are independent contractors, and as such we run our own businesses. The real estate company e-mail address belon...