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Essay: Roadmap to Recovery

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Editor's note: This guest essay is a part of the Roadmap to Recovery editorial project, which focuses on the future of the real estate industry. Essays should be 400 words or less and should detail your views on how to reinvent the industry and revive the housing market. Authors of essays published in full will get a free pass to the upcoming Real Estate Connect conference (for new registrants only), and the author of the top essay will receive $500. Send your essays to future@inman.com. By JANET CHOYNOWSKII know what it's like to work in a real estate industry that has been decimated. And is starting over. I started my first real estate business in Poland. The year was 1991. At that time, there had been no real estate industry for decades. The success of my new business was due in part to freedom from assumptions. There were no rules, little history, and we simply had to find things that would work. The "new market" brought a new sort of client -- foreign investo...