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Resolving the resolutions dilemma

Future-Proof: Navigate Threats, Seize Opportunities at ICNY 2018 | Jan 22-26 at the Marriott Marquis, Times Square, New York

This time of year it seems that resolutions are all the rage. Everyone is doing it, and even if you find yourself feeling that not much in your life truly needs resolving, the peer pressure is enormous. No one wants to be the one loser in the neighborhood without a fatal flaw and a plan to fix it. In all fairness, there are a bunch of things in my life that could use a little resolution, but I'm realistic. If I really wanted to get into that bikini by summer, 1982 would have been the time for a call to action. I haven't seen my abs since the Ford administration, and it is unlikely they will make a sudden, surprise appearance in January. I could use more organization in my life. I have accumulated enough Barbies and their accompanying dream houses in my garage over the years to keep Ken entertained through the next millennium. I have enough orphan power cords stuffed in the cabinets and drawers of my home office to strangle the entire National Association of Realtors members...