Kid-proofing your home

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Q: My daughter is 21 months old. We need to install fasteners in plaster walls to secure the furniture. Is there an easy way to accomplish this? The house was built in 1910, so we assume it has wood lath under the plaster. Can we find studs in this type of wall? A: Ah yes, the terrible twos. Kevin remembers them well. Daughter Katie spent most of her time exploring, trying stuff out and pulling it down. There was an occasional mess on the floor when Katie zigged when an older child would have zagged. No major mishaps though. You are wise to invest some time and money into kid-proofing the house. We presume you've already done the basics, such as moving caustic chemicals out of reach and installing child-resistant latches on cabinet doors. Installing some kind of bracketing device to keep furniture upright is a great idea. It'll do double duty too: protecting your daughter and keeping the armoire on its feet during an earthquake. Houses built in the 1910s had interior walls o...