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Keep safety first in real estate work

Realtor Notebook

The Internet is an interesting place. We can be anyone we want to be, and so can the people we meet online. About a year ago I met with a prospective buyer who found me on the Internet and he turned out to be more than a little scary. He wasn't at all interested in buying real estate. He wanted to meet me because of something that he found on the Internet about me. We met in a coffee shop where I often meet with clients and write contracts. I ended the meeting but he didn't want to leave, and even after he did he sat in the parking lot in his car watching the coffee shop. I left about 10 minutes after his car left the lot. He was seriously creepy and maybe a little crazy. Most of the people I meet through the Internet are wonderful. It is like we have known each other for years the first time that we meet. I couldn't ask for better clients and friends. There are some crazy people on the Internet, too. Having a Web presence like mine is a bit like standing in a well-lit room ...