Who’ll stop the rain?

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Occasionally we get questions that have answers that don't require lots of explanation. When they begin to pile up, we like to clean out our e-mail box. Here are short answers to four unrelated questions. Q: I have a single-story home in Castro Valley, Calif., with a garage and family room wall facing southeast. The prevailing winds during rainstorms come from that direction and soak the wall. The garage wall is not drywalled. Rainwater leaks through and is getting the studs wet. I assume the same is happening on the family room walls. It has been going on for quite some time. I had the home painted two years ago and I've even rolled on extra layers of paint, to no avail. Help! A: We used to live in San Leandro, just a town away from you, so we understand the behavior of the stormy southeast winds in that part of the East Bay. Since you've repainted several times, the problem is probably not with the siding. We're assuming, of course, the proper preparation, including ...