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Free is poor strategy for real estate ads

Roadmap to Recovery Q&A: Gahlord Dewald

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Editor's note: Inman News posed a set of questions to our readers as a part of the Roadmap to Recovery editorial project, which is charting a course forward for the real estate industry. There are a lot of ways I think the real estate industry will look different after the "down-cline." One area with a lot of room for improvement is the use of technology beyond lead generation -- generating satisfied customers, for example. The penetration of technology beyond the lead generation and lead qualifying tools of today into the customer service and satisfaction generation tools of tomorrow will require, once again, new skills from real estate pros. Luckily, good customer service is something the best real estate agents and brokers already understand and I think they'll do well with more responsive and direct technologies. The following is an Inman News Q&A with Gahlord Dewald, director of Web strategy at Union Street Media: Q: What technology trends will change t...