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Diary of a Real Estate Rookie

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If you haven't seen "Marley & Me," it won't destroy the movie to tell you that one of the cutest moments in the movie is when the John Grogan character, played by Owen Wilson, illustrates the passage of time by describing the flow of his work. It goes something like this: "I wrote a story about gas prices. I wrote a story about water prices. I wrote a story about the council election. I wrote a story about orange juice." It's a really great montage (oh, go see the durned movie, it's about a dog) and it brings home that T.S. Eliot bit about measuring a life with coffee spoons. And that's really what this week has been, a blizzard of activity. What have I done? I showed an apartment and then I looked at an apartment and then I took my shoes off and saw another apartment and then I couldn't get into an apartment and then I sent some e-mails to make some appointments and used a combination of politeness and aggressiveness to try to get into the apartment...