Asphalt driveway has odd problem

Similar cracks not seen on neighboring properties

Q: I am having a problem with my blacktop driveway. I have lived in my townhome for seven years, and I have always had it seal-coated every year. The townhome is approximately 20 years old. Last year I noticed that the driveway seemed to be cracking and splitting. I had the seal-coating done and the cracks filled. The gentleman who did the job said that the driveway was heaving due to pipes that ran from the house to the street. I called our public works department and they said that could not be the case because we would notice water in the grass or street area. I called our architectural committee and the gentleman from there said it was simply settling. My neighbors' driveways do not seem to be having the same problem or seem to be settling. I live in a cold part of Illinois, and would like to repair the drive or perhaps put in pavers, but am not sure of what to do. I am a widow and do not have any close males in the family. I really do not understand some of these hou...