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Diary of a Real Estate Rookie

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Life is very exciting. I have two, count 'em, two whole listings, with two more, count 'em, two more, coming down the pike. Two of those are rentals, which historically have been considered to be lower status in New York, but at this point are the most marketable things around. So I'm fairly busy for me, and you would think that would make me more focused and better at guarding my remaining time. It just occurred to me now that a contractor left keys for me with his doorman yesterday; there's a showing that I have tomorrow that I haven't yet set up because I can't find the tenant; and I called my husband today and said that I couldn't find my wallet ... which was neither in my bag nor in its usual position on top of the cabinet because I had already tucked it into my side pocket. I'm just a tired, crazy, spacey kind of girl. Which means that two weeks ago, when the buyer client called and was in a real hurry because he just HAD to see something that Sunday, I caved. In t...