Got workbench?

Being handy at home comes in two styles

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Workbenches are one of those staples of the home workshop. They can take any number of forms, from the very basic to the very ornate, and there is no right or wrong way to set one up. The main thing is that the workbench be sturdy and solid, and that it achieves what you need it to achieve. BUILT-IN WORKBENCHES A built-in workbench is a simple thing to construct. First, you want to give some thought to where it will go, what purpose it will serve, and how large it needs to be. For most people, the home workbench takes the form of a basic platform that is attached to the wall in the garage or basement, or sometimes in an interior room such as a hobby room, bonus room, or even a larger utility room. Consider what you'll be doing on the workbench. Is it just a flat spot for the occasional repair project, or will it serve a specific purpose such as woodworking or auto repair? Will a small area in a corner work, or do you need a long or wide spot with lots of access for workin...