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Fannie Mae rescinds 4-property limit for investors

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If you turn down Pandora and listen closely, you can hear real estate investors in Chicago cheering all the way from Cincinnati. Read the Fannie Mae official announcement -- you get the sense that the nationalized group is getting with the program. This excerpt comes from the lead paragraph: "Fannie Mae is committed to providing financing opportunities for high-credit quality, bona fide investors. Experienced investors play a key role in the housing recovery."The use of the phrases "high-credit quality," "bona fide" and "experienced" was a conscious one, by the way. Fannie Mae is averse to first-time investors and other foreclosure opportunists. Instead, it wants to serve individuals with a history of owning and successfully managing rental property. To that end, Fannie Mae will now finance the purchases of one-unit homes for investors with an interest in between 5-10 properties, provided that all of the following guidelines are met: 25 perce...