Landlord suspects illegal sublet

What to do when tenant violates guest policy

Q: I have a rental house and during a recent drive-by to check on my property I noticed that there were two cars in the driveway that I had never seen in the past. I called my tenant and they told me that they had some family that is staying with them for the holidays. I allow my tenants to have guests for up to two weeks so I wasn’t that worried. However, the holidays are over and yesterday evening I went by again and the cars are still there. The rental property has four bedrooms so I think they have sublet rooms in the house but are telling me that they just have visiting family. What do I do about these additional occupants?

A: Tenants frequently abuse the guest policy by having additional occupants in their rental unit for extended periods of time. But you may have trouble determining the difference between a temporary guest and a new live-in occupant. If you suspect that your tenant has added an additional occupant to the rental unit, your first step should be to talk with your tenant to find out what’s going on.