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(Why it’s not just about price) The $39 suit story

From Matrix blog

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Editor's note: The following item is republished with permission from the Matrix blog. Click here to view the original item. In late January I was interested in purchasing a suit. A regional department store was having a 50% off sale on men's clothing so I thought I'd go take a look. I found a suit I liked, which retailed for $795 less 50%. Once I had it fitted, I took the suit to the register where it was scanned and I was told the price was $39. "What?" I was confused. The store clerk proceed to explain a myriad of 50% off of 40% off of 70% off of 20% of the retail price less an additional 10% and on and on. The employee seemed a little embarrassed but was adamant the price was correct even though it was less than my alterations. And then I turned and looked around the store. A Saturday afternoon with this kind of discount: NO ONE WAS IN THE STORE. If this scenario occurred two years ago, it would have been like a scene from the movie "300" with ...