Don’t cry over spilt motor oil

How to rid flagstone patio of slimy mess

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Q: I have a spot on my flagstone patio that was caused by spilled motor oil. Any idea how I can clean it? --Scot C. A: You can typically remove oil from stone by making a poultice to draw the oil out. First, clean the spot thoroughly with hot water and a strong soap such as Spic and Span, using a nylon-bristle brush on the spot. This will remove as much of the residual oil as possible. Next, you'll need to purchase some fuller's earth. This is a clay product that is used in things like kitty litter, but is also very effective in the absorption and removal of oil. It comes in powdered form, and is available from some cosmetic and chemical retailers, or online. Mix the fuller's earth with hot water to form a paste about the consistency of peanut butter, and spread it over the stain. Cover this with a piece of plastic sheeting that has some holes poked in it so the poultice can dry, and leave it on the stain overnight. Scrape up the residue the next day with a plastic scrape...