Life after homeownership

House Keys

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Editor's Note: Inman News is pleased to introduce "House Keys," a new weekly column about homeownership by veteran real estate writer Marcie Geffner. "House Keys" offers a fresh look at today's changing images and perceptions of homeownership through current news events and personal stories. For information about publishing this column on your Web site or in print, contact Elaine Baker: (510) 658-9252 ext. 128. "It wouldn't be the end of the world." That was how a friend of mine and I summed up our recent conversation about the prospect that either of us might be forced into a home sale by financial circumstances. Thankfully, the prospect is hypothetical, but it's still one we've both worried about from time to time. We're both baby boomers (she at the older end and I at the younger end), self-employed and unmarried, which are three characteristics that add up to an existence without much of a safety net. If our independent careers faltered, w...