Window sash replacement done right

When architectural integrity is more important than convenience

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Dear Burnett Brothers: Shame on you for writing an article encouraging people to replace their wood double-hung windows without any consideration of the type of home and type of replacement window, and whether the two go together. Many old, historic or potentially historic houses have been irreparably altered by people who put in aluminum windows, for example, in a Victorian. When significant features of a historic building are altered, the historic integrity and status can be lost, and the building can more likely be lost. When historic buildings are lost, through loss of integrity or demolition, they are irreplaceable. Homeowners should always consider their home's style and architecture when replacing windows. You should do better than this when you are trying to educate the public. A: Easy now! We agree with all of your points but one. You're all wet when you accuse us of promoting the destruction of the architectural integrity of historic homes. Our regular readers k...