Top mistakes today’s sellers make

If you really want to secure a buyer, follow this advice

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Low interest rates could spark a pickup in the home-sale market in some areas. If you're inclined to sell, here are some mistakes you'll want to avoid. The biggest mistake sellers make is listing at an unrealistic price. If you want or need to sell, your home must be priced at or under current market value, particularly in places where prices are declining. To avoid pricing too high or too low, carefully research your local market before selling. If you can't get the price you want, and you don't have an urgent need to sell, wait for a better market. Some sellers want to price under the market to stimulate multiple offers. In some price ranges, such as low-end foreclosures, this can be an effective strategy. However, in higher price ranges, this approach could boomerang. It's not a good idea to list your home for a lower price than you're willing to accept. HOUSE HUNTING TIP: Sellers who need to sell because they can no longer afford their mortgage payment should check with...