Pulling the trigger on nail gun purchase

A look at best choices below $399

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For professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike, nothing makes a job easier and faster than a power nailer. Nailers not only substantially speed up your work and save a lot of stress on your arm, hand and wrist, but they reduce wood splitting and hammer dents, eliminate predrilling in hardwoods, and accurately set your nails at or below the surface of the wood. COMPRESSED AIR The most common power supply for a nailer is compressed air, which is created by an air compressor and routed to the nailer through a hose. Compressed air is reliable, easily adjusted and consistently powerful, but requires the additional expense of an air compressor that needs to be taken to the jobsite and set up. With compressed air, you have more nailers to choose from, ranging from big framing nailers to smaller, more precise finish nailers. One example of a professional-quality, air-powered framing nailer that would also be at home in the do-it-yourselfer's shop is the new Paslode PowerFramer 350 (...