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Beware non-experts bearing expert advice

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I was recently asked to write a consumer article for another site on loan modifications. This was an assignment which should have easily have been knocked out with five fingers over a cup of coffee while I used my other hand to clear my feed reader and finish a crossword puzzle.Instead, my 600 unwritten words haunted me. For three weeks and with the deadline looming, I was a tormented soul in full procrastination mode who suddenly found she had more pressing priorities -- like waxing the cat. The problem is that I am not an expert on loan modifications. We are all enjoying a little notoriety these days. Call it our 15 minutes. Whether through blogging or commenting online, or, yes, writing here, we see our names in lights. It's food for the ego. It's empowering. And it's dangerous. Dear Abby, what's an agent to do? There is so much advice out there. The experts are everywhere. They are on group blogs and on their own, and these platforms have spawned camps and conferences, ...