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Cobroke Nation asks, ‘What are you showing now?’

Site aims to be 'Twitter of real estate,' but biz model has critics

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By RYAN BASENRobin Greenbaum was talking with a friend last year about an idea for a new business. She had a vision to build a real estate version of Facebook, she recalled. Not convinced that would work, the New York City Realtor hatched another idea. "My 'ah-ha' moment was, 'I don't need Facebook. I can build the Twitter of real estate.' " Greenbaum is planning to launch this month (the Web site is currently inactive). She hopes for the site to serve as a social networking center for Realtors, replete with Twitter-like data feeds about what properties they are showing, and property listings. The slogan: "If Twitter asks the question, 'What are you doing now?' Cobroke Nation asks the question, 'What are you showing now?' " Greenbaum plans to generate revenue by charging to list properties, and she hopes to grow the service to serve an international audience. Some real estate professionals question whether that business model can gain t...