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Real estate and the cultural divide

Perspective: Immigrant customs cloud mortgage actions

Editor's note: In this guest perspective, a Phoenix real estate broker sheds light on the pervasive problem -- and possible contributors -- to mortgage fraud. By MARGIE O'CAMPO DE CASTILLO There's no doubt, our opinions on immigration and immigrants are as diverse as the color of our skin. While each argument over immigration brings to light some very valid points, one thing is certain: the cultural divide is widening and at one point or another we will have to deal with the issues it brings. As a Realtor, educator, and president of a Hispanic organization, I struggle to generalize despite being perplexed by countless situations illustrating abuse of the immigrant and abuse by the immigrant. In studying the different cases I'd like to share what I have found to be a common denominator present in many predicaments. Costumbres (habits, customs): What habit isn't hard to break? Ezekiel has lived in the United States for several years and is proud to be a new legal citizen of ...