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Little 'churn' in monthly rankings

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Take a deep real estate technology dive, Aug 7, 2017

A monthly traffic ranking of real estate Web sites showed the leading portals firmly entrenched in March, with just one site entering the top 20, and only six sites breaking into the top -- the listing and valuation site operated by LendingTree LLC -- was the lone newcomer to the top-20 list in March rankings published by Web metrics company Hitwise.The sites atop of the Hitwise rankings continued to grab the lion's share of traffic in the category. The top 10 sites accounted for about 27 percent of all visits to sites in the real estate category, while 38 percent of traffic went to sites ranked in the top 20, Hitwise said.There's been some jockeying for position, but no new additions to the Hitwise top-10 so far this year. With 6.85 percent market share, remained the most popular site in the real estate category in March, followed by Yahoo! Real Estate (3.65 percent), Zillow (3.25 percent) and ZipRealty (2.38 percent). That's the same order in place sinc...