Toilet ‘throne’ unfit for homeowner

Remodel mistake leaves tough job ahead

Q: I recently hired a handyman to update the master bathroom in my 1963 California rancher. There were many problems with him, so I fired him before the job was completed. The bathroom floor was retiled, but the toilet was never installed. My uncle was trying to be helpful by finishing up my the job, but when he went to install the toilet, he said that the tile backer board was not built up enough before laying the tile, resulting in the toilet flange being about a half inch too high above the tile. His solution was to cut out a piece of half-inch plywood the shape of the bottom of the toilet base with a hole for the flange that he placed between the tile floor and the toilet. So basically, the toilet now sits on a platform. It flushes without leaking, and I now have a "comfort height" toilet. But is this safe? Will it last? Will there be problems with the wood rotting over time? And most important, what are some solutions for fixing a toilet flange that is too h...