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Web 3-D revs up real estate

Technology lets buyers visualize home before purchase

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In the very near future, the experience of buying a home will undergo a radical change. Rather than Web 3.0, the next generation of Web products may very well be Web 3-D. One of the most important trends for 2009 is the rise of video-based communication. The next wave of video applications, however, is not limited to today's two-dimensional screens. Eventually we will have holographic showing machines that will provide us with a true 3-D experience. Furthermore, there are already prototypes in production that will also provide a full multisensory experience, right down to the sun shining on your face, the sound of the waves lapping gently on shore, and the aromas of food cooking on the grill. Web 3-D will be highly interactive. There is already a simple interactive game on PlayStation 3 called "Creature Feature" that uses a "PSEye" video camera that projects your live image into the game. The room that you are playing in and the movements that you make i...