Save $2,500 on home improvement

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Q: We are planning to have a vapor barrier installed in our crawl space. When the estimator was here, he said he saw what might be mold and recommended that we have a mold inspection, and if necessary, cleanup, done first. I just had the mold inspector out, and fortunately, he says there was no mold, but he did say we had a lot of efflorescence built up on our piers and that for $2,500 they could come in, clean it up and disinfect the crawl space. He said that there was no evidence of damage to the wood supports but that over time there could be problems as efflorescence is building up around the wood. Is that true? Our home is already nearly 50 years old and it obviously hasn't damaged it yet. It seems a bit like overkill (and expensive). A: So let's shoot the flea with the elephant gun. Save your $2,500 and spend less than $20 on a wire brush, a small throwaway paint brush and a small can of fungicide. Fixing the situation will require a bit of crawling and an hour or so...