Spring into home maintenance

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Spring is always an ideal time to be checking the exterior of your home and catching up on any maintenance items that have come to light since last summer. As always, maintenance begins with a stroll around the house and a careful examination of its condition. Take a tablet with you, make some notes as you go, and then sit down and work up a list of things to take care of -- sort the list in order of the most pressing items first -- and then list the tools and materials you'll need for each task. By sorting and organizing your list in this manner, you can take what may sometimes be a long list of projects and make it a lot easier to undertake. THE ROOF Roof damage is an obvious area of concern. You'll want to actually go up on the roof so that you can make a thorough and careful inspection of several different things, so if you're not comfortable with the height or steepness of your roof, consider hiring an experienced, licensed roofing company to do the inspection for you....