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Dos and don’ts of social networking

Online identity key to attracting new clients

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Everyone has an online reputation. The question is how are you showing up online? The younger your potential client is, the more likely he or she is to search you out on Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Today's column takes a fun look at some of the ways that people are positioning themselves in the social media space. Without a trace Many Realtors lack an online presence. When you search their names on Google or Yahoo, their names turn up only on genealogy sites. They don't have a Web site. They may have a Web page on their broker's site, but it includes only their name and phone number. More than 90 percent of all clients use the Web when searching for a home. Sadly for this group of agents, their business will steadily decline as their client base shrinks from attrition and failure to attract the next generation of clients. Follow me! There was a rather obnoxious, but funny spoof on YouTube about a woman who is addicted to using Twitter. She do...