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What makes a Realtor good: an answer

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A few months ago, I asked "What Makes an Agent Good?" and triggered a bit of a conversation. I was after an objective standard of quality by which a particular real estate agent can be measured, but ended up in a discussion (which is still ongoing one way or another) about professionalism, understanding technology, perspectives, and viewpoints, and so on. Marc Davison, of 1000Watt Consulting, even wrote a post somewhat in response and concluded: "A bad Realtor is one whose marketing effort for a six-figure listing pales in comparison to a 7-year-old's playful regard for his $11.95 pet dinosaur. A good agent is one who says, 'no problem, I'll take care of that' when asked to compensate for the bad agent's job. As much as I like that colorful description, it still raised more questions than it answered and didn't provide a framework for analysis. In what way does a bad Realtor's effort pale in comparison? If comparing two Realtors with each other, does the one who puts...