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NAR board to rule on data ‘scraping’ vs. ‘indexing’

Board will consider recommendations at Saturday meeting

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By JOSEPH KIRSCHKE WASHINGTON -- In a move that would protect the right of brokers participating in data-sharing agreements with other brokers to allow search engines to index their listings, the National Association of Realtors' Multiple Listing Issues and Policies Committee has issued a recommendation to revise a 4-year-old policy that might otherwise allow local Realtor boards to bar the practice.If adopted by NAR's board of directors Saturday, the policy change would resolve a dispute that arose when the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors -- acting on a complaint from a member broker -- demanded that real estate agent Paula Henry and her broker take steps to prevent other brokers' listings from being indexed by Google and other search engines (see story).The committee recommended that the board revise a 2005 policy statement regarding Section 18.2.2 of the NAR Model MLS Rules and Regulations.The policy currently requires brokers participating in Internet Data Exchange (...