Buyer beware of location

Home quality, insurance, property taxes vary by region

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Are you thinking about buying your first home? Perhaps you're considering buying a second home, retiring in a different area, or building your dream home. Even if you are purchasing in the same area, you must be vigilant during the purchase process. In 2007, we decided to build a new home. I had specific requirements that I wanted: underground utilities; city sewer; and natural gas for heating. The subdivision where we purchased appeared to meet all those requirements. We received a list of utilities serving our MUD (municipal utility district). Because there were no visible propane tanks, I assumed that the area was on natural gas. When we were ready to move in, however, I was shocked to learn that our subdivision was on propane. It was piped in from a community storage tank. That meant that our heating bill would be two to three times higher than it would've been with natural gas. With water shortages, mold, fires and floods in the news, you must take steps to make sur...