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FrontDoor now sports Facebook Connect

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FrontDoor.com, HGTV's foray into the real estate search space, now lets you sign in to the site (sort of) with your Facebook account. It's a great idea in theory -- I'm all for lowering the friction points that exist to interact with any site. Sign-up processes, while necessary, are often clumsy and time consuming as a user. Letting me use one of existing online profiles through Facebook Connect, Google Friend Connect or even OpenID makes that step a breeze. One click and I'm in. Use of universal logins are in their infancy for sure. OpenID is gaining ground but you may as well use Navajo on your site as far as mainstream consumers are concerned. So kudos to FrontDoor for taking a step in the right direction. Their product is clearly aimed at the middle-of-the-bell-curve consumer rather than the bleeding-edge search nerds, so having it connect to Facebook is definitely a smart move. But unfortunately, in its current state, it doesn't go far enough. Or...