Finding middle ground for home repairs

Negotiating fixes means prioritizing

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Today's home sales are all about negotiation. Negotiating the purchase price is the first step. A second round of negotiations can occur after the buyers complete their inspections. For sellers who negotiated to their rock-bottom price, this can be disappointing and a possible deal-breaker. Buyers who are willing and able to buy in this market need to feel they are getting a good value. Property condition is a big consideration. Correcting defects adds to the cost. If the buyers still want to buy after completing inspections, and the sellers need or want to sell, an attempt should be made to reach an agreement on inspection-related issues. First, sellers should carefully review the buyers' reports and their request for repairs, price concessions or credits. Keep in mind that there is a certain amount of subjectivity in inspectors' opinions. For example, one roofer might think a roof needs to be replaced. Another may feel that the roof is serviceable with routine maintenance ...