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When humans do inhuman things

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Columnist Marcie Geffner touched off some very heated criticism this week when she expressed "true sympathies" for homeowners facing foreclosure who take their anger out on the homes they are about to lose. While she admitted sympathy for homeowners facing such turmoil in her column, "Defaulting homeowners strike back," she also acknowledged that the destruction was inherently wrong. "Perhaps my feeling is just as wicked or as equally wrong as the destruction itself, but there it is all the same." The column concluded, "Unless we can provide healthier alternatives for these former homeowners to vent their anger, perhaps the damage inflicted on some houses is the least offensive solution for all concerned." Several readers lashed out in online comments and e-mailed letters, saying Geffner's column seemed to condone cruel, violent and destructive acts; some noted that there are far less destructive ways for those facing foreclosure to ...