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CoTweet: teaming up on Twitter

Manage messaging for multiple users

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OK, so you've jumped on the Twitter bandwagon full force. You're scheduling tweets. You're pushing your listings with tweets. You're engaging your audience, tweet by tweet. You've got multiple twitter accounts for you, your company and your blog. And managing it all is a pain. Enter CoTweet. CoTweet is a service, currently in invitational beta, that helps multiple people manage multiple Twitter accounts. For example, if there are two or three of you at your brokerage who monitor the company Twitter account, CoTweet helps you coordinate responses via Twitter and e-mail. Let's take it for a spin. Objective: Share management duties of the company Twitter account, so the person doing desk hours can help funnel questions, leads and prospects appropriately. As I mentioned, CoTweet is currently in invitational beta. So you'll have to ask to be let in and then wait for your invite code. Once you get your code you can log in. Once your account is created you can add up to four Tw...