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"I've been in this business 23 years," started the agent, clearly irritated. Uh oh, I thought. Here we go. The last time I made a visit to my doctor (although, being a member of a managed health care plan, I'm not entirely sure who "my doctor" really is), I don't recall having been delivered a verbal resume. Why is that? "In the 37 years and three months I have been practicing medicine, during which time I have administered thousands of Ebola vaccines, I have never had someone whine so much about an open-house sign stake lodged in their left temporal lobe," my doctor might say. But what would really be the point? To put me on notice, I suppose. To remind me that I am but a mere babe in the ways of the world, outgunned by someone possessing more knowledge and influence -- more power -- than my tiny and currently compromised brain might ever fathom. Or to make me go away. I know it's tiresome, this tendency of real estate agents to compare themse...