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How do you spell ‘recovery’?

Realtor Notebook

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During the first recession that I lived through and was directly impacted by, my dad made the statement that our view on the state of the economy has to do with who we are and what our own situation is. A person who is unemployed during a time of high unemployment believes that we are in a recession, as does a person who can't make his or her house payments. A person who has a good job and is earning enough to make ends meet will ride out a recession without feeling like we are in difficult economic times. Lately, I have been reading articles about how a recovery is just around the corner, but I am not seeing any evidence of a recovery. There is evidence that home sales are picking up, but a couple of months of higher sales fueled by tax incentives and the season does not necessarily mean that the housing market is recovering. There are still many vacant buildings and homes in my neighborhood, and another one of my neighbors is unemployed. Locally, the number of home sales a...