Bad news: Appraisal $15K too low

New rules causing issues with costs, protocol

DEAR BERNICE: We are selling our home to a nice young couple for $192,000. Our loan amount is $179,800. We have just enough money to close the transaction and pay off our existing loans. The buyers have 10 percent down and were applying for a 90 percent first. Our agent just called us and said the appraisal came in $15,000 low. She was quite angry. She said that the appraiser normally worked in an area 60 miles from here and had no experience with our area. The comparable sales he used were from a different school district and in a much less desirable area. We don’t have any more cash to put into the deal and the buyers don’t either. What can we do? Everyone still wants to close. –Chris M.

DEAR CHRIS: Although it may not seem like it, you’re lucky that your buyers still want to buy your home. What normally happens when the appraisal comes in low is that the buyers walk away from the deal.