Nightmare on Main Street

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Should a loan officer who forecloses on a homeowner's mortgage be dragged into the fires of hell? That intriguing question is at the heart of director Sam Raimi's new horror film, "Drag Me To Hell," which opened May 29 in theaters nationwide. I have to confess I don't like horror films. I'm too impressionable, too gullible and too easily fooled by the oldest plot contrivances and cheapest special effects. And, I'm very easily frightened by scary movies. Just ask my mother. Despite my aversion to the genre, I went to see "Drag Me to Hell" on a breezy Friday afternoon in a Culver City, Calif., theater with an audience of mostly teenagers. I won't recap the plot, such as it was, or give away the ending since all of my friends know I abhor spoilers. But suffice it to say that "Drag Me to Hell" is about an attractive young loan officer named Christine Brown. Christine has long blond hair, impossibly high-heeled shoes and a handsome boyfriend, who dr...