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Posterous simplifies social media

Save time while building your Web presence

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You may have noticed from my past writing that I'm not overly impressed with technology for its own sake. Sure, Google Chrome is nifty, and Twitter sure does suck up a lot of my time, but I'm rather more interested in how one might use technology than in the coolness factor of technology. Sometimes, though, even I run across technology that just blows me away as I wonder, "How did they do that?" Google Maps is an example; the multi-touch screen (introduced by Jeff Han, a computer scientist at New York University) is another example. Both of them were so insanely cool, and more importantly, immediately got me thinking about ways to use them. I'd like to introduce you to another such technology: Posterous. Posterous will change the way you do social media. And you should be investigating it like ... right now. Go ahead, go check them out. I'll be here. Start here. (Hey editor, can we get some Jeopardy music or something playing right about here?) Back already? Did ...