Squeaky linoleum gets permanent fix

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Q: I eagerly read your column about fixing squeaky floors by renailing from the top. But my problem is under the linoleum in the kitchen. Do you have any suggestions on how I can fix a small (roughly 1-by-2-foot) section? When the linoleum was laid, it went wall to wall and then the floor cabinets were placed over it. My basement is unfinished, so I would have access to the joists and subfloor. Any ideas? A: Do not despair. There's a much better than even chance you can silence the squeak with little effort and at practically no cost. The cause is probably a loose nail or two in the subfloor. It's a good thing that you have access from underneath. It will make the fix easy. Solving the problem begins with ferreting out the cause. You report that the squeak is isolated to a small section of the kitchen floor. Since you say the house was constructed in 1941, we're betting that a cross section of the floor will show 2-by-8 floor joists covered by a subfloor of 1-inch boards ove...