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Business thrives on ‘Whuffie’ factor

Secret to social networking success

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What does it take to succeed in the social networking space? Lots of people have theories, but have you heard of "Whuffie?" As I was browsing through my Twitter feed, I noticed that there was a live feed from DaknoTV (@rewebcoach) for the Real Estate BarCamp in Virginia Beach. If you're not familiar with the BarCamp concept, it's a face-to-face meeting for those who have formed social and business relationships online. The first BarCamps were composed of bloggers who wanted to connect in person with other people who shared their love of blogging. BarCamps can include formal presentations. They can also be quite chaotic, with informal groups forming to discuss various issues of interest. They may or may not have an agenda. Participants are free to pursue their personal interests. For example, if someone is doing a presentation, there are usually a number of side conversations taking place simultaneously on Twitter. At the time I tuned into the Virginia Beach B...