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Decoding change in Google results

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You may have heard that search-engine gorilla Google is in the midst of an infrastructure change. As a company that generates revenue by serving advertising alongside its search results, Google has an interest in serving up relevant search results in a timely manner. If it doesn't, then someone else will do a better job and searchers will go somewhere else. Then no one will see the advertising or click on it, resulting in less revenue for Google. It's a nice straightforward model. In a world where more than 75 percent of home searches begin online (and probably a good portion of those online home searchers start at Google), you might be interested to know what an "infrastructure change" at Google means. Moreover, you might be intrigued to know that Google is actively soliciting feedback on the upcoming change. Before anyone goes bombarding Google with support tickets and gripes, let's start with getting clear on what an infrastructure change is and isn't. Accord...