Warped door put to salvage test

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Q: Our large -- 48 inches by 83 inches -- and very heavy wooden front door no longer closes tightly because it is warped. The hinge side is even all the way. But, when closed, the side with the lock is flush with the molding at the top but flares along the length to the bottom, where it sticks out by 3/4 inch. It is a challenge to insert the dead bolt. Is there anything we could do to salvage the door? If not, what replacement options do we have? Ideally, we'd like to keep the large size, but we could be persuaded otherwise. We're not locked in to a particular material. A: First try to salvage the door. With some patient adjustments to the hinges and the warped side of the door, there's a pretty good chance you can make it serviceable. If your salvage effort is unsuccessful, we see your options as: Maintain the existing frame and have a custom door built and hung;Remove the door, frame and all, and install a new unit in the rough opening;Reframe the rough opening and insta...