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Customer satisfaction: Ask ‘Why?’

Part II: Gauging customer loyalty in real estate

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Editor's note: This is the final part in a two-part series about customer loyalty in the real estate industry. Read Part I: "Promoters, detractors are your business," which examines the Net Promoter Score and why it may not be entirely applicable to the real estate brokerage industry.Real estate clients would rather refer agents than brokers. If a real estate client were to promote or refer someone, I suspect it would most likely be their agent, not the brokerage, with a few notable exceptions. It is the agent who regularly interacts with the client to build rapport and any positive emotional experience and bond. Consequently, the agent ought be the natural recipient of a referral. I imagine only two exceptions: a brokerage brand built on saving a client money or making them money, or a first-mover innovative brokerage, the likes of which have not been seen before (like the one I have in my head). Folks like to brag about saving money, making money, or poss...