How to buy a ‘lucky’ house

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Sellers often stage their houses to make them more attractive to potential buyers. What can you do as a buyer, however, to make sure that you're buying a "lucky house"? The ancient Chinese tradition of feng shui has some interesting answers. How can you recognize a lucky house vs. one that is unlucky? Here are some of the key principles from feng shui that can assist you in finding your personal "lucky house." 1. What is motivating the sellers to move? Are the sellers facing foreclosure? Are the owners going through a divorce? Has there been violence on the property? If so, look elsewhere. The best houses are those where the owners are moving for happy reasons such as a growing family, a marriage or job promotion. If the previous owners were lucky while they lived in the property, those who believe in feng shui believe that the next buyer will be lucky too. 2. Avoid "poison arrows" Is the home located at the end of a cul-de-sac or facin...