State of the nation’s homeowners

House Keys

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When will house prices go up again? That's the question, worded in various ways, that I'm frequently asked by my neighbors, who happen to know that I write about real estate for a living. My answer, always the same, is: I have no idea, and neither does anyone else. There are plenty of forecasts of what may happen to house prices. Up. Down. Flat. U-shaped. V-shaped. L-shaped. Even W-shaped. But personally, I don't think any of the forecasts are all that reliable. After all, hardly anyone predicted the housing boom or the collapse with any reliable degree of specificity about the exact nature or timing of events.And if anyone could really truly predict the future, well, a lot of things in our world probably would be quite different than they are. Sure, one or more of today's forecasts may prove to be on the money, but which one? That's not to say forecasts aren't useful, especially if they offer insights into the state of housing and homeowners. One such recent report, "...