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Housing discrimination lives on

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Let's get one thing straight: Housing discrimination is illegal, unethical and just plain wrong.Apart from some very narrow exceptions, fair housing laws make clear that it's illegal to deny anyone a fair and equal opportunity to buy or rent a home or obtain a mortgage on the basis of his or her race, religion or other protected characteristics. But unfortunately, neither the illegality nor the immorality of such discrimination has put a stop to it.Before the enactment of fair housing laws, housing discrimination was often overt and open since, after all, it wasn't illegal. My grandmother, before her death in July -- just two months shy of her 100th birthday -- often recalled that she and my grandfather had been discriminated against some 80 years ago when they'd tried to rent an apartment as newlyweds.All had seemingly been in order until the landlord told them they couldn't move into the apartment they'd chosen because they were Jewish. Decades later, that slap in the face clearly st...